Personal Events

Private Party Entertainment

A private party can become a life time memorable celebration if it gets a touch of some extravagant magical moment. Fabian Christopher, a magician for personal events has over 20 years of experience in hosting and performing in private parties and family gatherings. Using his mind-boggling tricks and sleight of hands techniques, he’s a one-man show to appeal to each of your guests attending the party. Whether it is a wedding ceremony, family gathering, holiday party, birthday party, anniversary or any private event, Christopher’s magic wand is enough to capture the interest of every individual.

Wedding Ceremony and Anniversaries

The wedding ceremony is a memorable and life-changing event that a couple wants to cherish for a lifetime. Why not give a twist to your guests and surprise them with the presence of a magician performing different tricks to entertain them throughout? Fabian Christopher, an illusionist, and a mentalist is a private magician who can present a phenomenal walk-around show during the cocktail hour to entertain the guests and make them enjoy their heart-out. he provides his signature illusion with the wedding bride and groom by producing a big bowl of champagne with ice “out of thin air

Holiday Fun Party

Having a gala time with friends and family at a holiday spot? Why not to add a little more fun by organizing a private magic show to raise the spirits of everyone? Fabian Christopher is your family entertainer and the performer who has a variety of magic tricks to tickle the funny bones of the viewers. He’s a complete package in his own way to deliver the most interesting and unique illusionary tricks, with the addition of fun and comedy element intact.

Family Gathering

Wish to have some cozy time with the whole big family? It shall be a great idea to provide a pinch of some magic spice after the dinner or during the evening tea party. Organizing a private magician show with Fabian lets you have a wonderful time with your entire family and thus to make a moment memorable for the rest of the life. The strolling and close-up magic show by Fabian makes everyone involve and participate 

Adult Birthday Party

Just like a child’s birthday party, it is equally a great idea to have a magic show organized especially for an adult birthday party as well. It is a special event of your loved one and to make it spectacular, it is a great idea to make it more interesting by having a professional magician playing extraordinary tricks for you. The walk-around magic show or a dedicated stage show is the best way to engage the guests and create an environment of fun and laughter, mixed with amusement and bewilderment.

Private Virtual Magic Show

It is a great idea to conduct a virtual magic show during the present era of Covid-19 pandemic. Fabian Christopher is available on the online platform as well to have a spectacular interactive show that enables you to experience and partake the performance on the real-time basis. Fabian’s live performance on Zoom lets you have fun and entertainment from the comfort of your home, without stressing about catching the deadly virus.