Grand Event

Spice-Up the Spirit of Your Grand Event with Fabian

Fabian Christopher, a recognized magician for grand shows has a vast experience of hosting a number of gala events and luxury parties. He has an astonishing background of handling 3,500 guests single-handedly, all looking at him with keen eyes. With the list of phenomenal shows and an ability to deliver astounding miracles, he can blow away the minds of his spectators in one go. To raise the level of your grand party and spice-up the spirits of your guests, Christopher has a list of incredible tricks and mind-captivating illusionary activities


Red Carpet Event and Premiers

Red carpet and premiers often calls for some unique and seamless entertainment activities that can attract the squad of VIP guests and the large audience. It is a difficult task to understand the nerve of such a large group and engaging them to go along with your show. Well, a magician can do so quite easily. Particularly, Fabian Christopher, who already has performed for grand magic shows on such a big scale

Grand Opening Ceremony

Hosting a grand opening ceremony to draw the interest of a huge number of spectators is another big challenge. Fabian, a mentalist for hire is a right choice for delivering his skillful acts and mind-boggling activities to appeal to the interest of the audience. Whether it is for unveiling the new product or hosting the gala event of opening a grand show, Fabian is here to top your list of entertainers. With the option of changing the dynamics of our show as per your event, we give you full freedom to customize the show and experience the uniqueness of the magic.

Luxury Wedding Party

Fabian has an expertise of making an event a life time memory in the hearts of his spectators. If you plan for a luxury wedding party, it won’t be complete without booking a luxury magician, Fabian Christopher. He is an illusionist, a mentalist and a mind-blowing artist who can perform incredibly for your luxury

wedding party and captivate the minds of the guests doing strolling and close-up shows. His touch of comedy and interactive theme lets your guests mesmerized until the show ends. With the use of ordinary objects like cards, coins, watches, rings etc., he can create such an illusion that shall remain with you and your guests forever.

Gala Dinner Party

A gala dinner party often centered to the award or presentation ceremony, filled with fun and entertainment for the guests, invited to join for the luxury dinner table. Fabian, a grand show entertainer been a part of many such gala dinner parties for hosting magic shows for example fund raiser parties for charity events, product launch, auction, annual function of the corporate for the employees on the large scale etc. As an ice-breaker, Christopher has a proven record of managing and juggling with the interest of a huge audience using his enticing magical techniques.