Corporate Events

Fabian Christopher International Grand Illusionist Shows formats structured for your budget

As part of your corporate event, Magic can be used to add flare to your awards or other presentation and, to the amazement of the audience, magically produce your VIPs from various on-stage locations. There is a difference in The  Magic Experience. Fabian Christopher has developed a fresh innovative approach to presenting quality entertainment in a comprehensive, cost-effective form. Does he answer the unknowns of magic-What do I get? What does it cost? What must I do? With an easy-to-understand choice of programs presented in a clear and simple selection process. A Magic experience is a self-contained approach to event entertainment different from any other magic attraction. Fabian Christopher removes the mystery of delivering magic to your event by incorporating an interactive stage set complete with state-of-the-art digital audio, custom lighting, live multimedia video, and image magnification. The Magic experience delivers “to the stage” and “from the stage” an affordable worry-free production for the ultimate event Adventure

Astounding mysteries of the ages are presented with contemporary elegance and unfold in an exclusive intimate performance. Hallmark magic, spun with hilarious audience participation and interactive comedy, entertains the most discerning group. The Magic Experience will mystify and challenge the inquisitive mind with spellbinding physical phenomenon and spectacular close-up manipulations.

Mesmerizing illusions and theatrical imagination define this enhanced realm of The Magic Experience. The addition of live "Magician" video technology allows audiences of every size to experience the unbelievable up close and personal. Complemented by luminous scenery, spectacular magic and your corporate message, this shows' elements are delivered to the audience in visual clarity.

The Magic Experience transports the audience through space and time with a host of death-defying illusions in this beyond-belief spectacular. High-energy dancers excite, cutting edge sets amaze and lavish costumes dazzle the audience. This expansive, dramatic, and passion-filled production is the quintessential 'Showbiz!' event, thrusting everyone into heart-pounding exhilaration with a contemporary taste for extreme entertainment

Fabian Christopher presents a full-tilt, overwhelming spectacle that erupts right before your eyes! This ultimate theatrical extravaganza is a state-of-the-art customized production that satisfies even the largest of venues while exceeding all event expectations. Odyssey: truly an unforgettable show that will keep your audience talking for years to


Fabian performs from table to table for seated guests; or from small group to small group such as at a cocktail party. With this type of close-up magic, Fabian will entertain about fifty to seventy people per hour depending on their seating arrangement.


Fabian performs at a table while guests may come and go as they please. This type of close-up magic attracts large crowds, and offers flexibility for you and your guests. It’s especially suitable for hospitality suites and trade shows when you want to engage your guests, and provide them an opportunity to connect with each other.

Close-up Show

This theatrical presentation lasts approximately 45 minutes and is perfect for groups numbering 5 to 50. This close-up magic show fits perfectly with holiday events, private parties, and family gatherings. Virtually everyone will play a memorable part in the astonishing events, and they’ll talk about it for a long time.


  • TP-7 magic experience is our entry level production. An intimate show with two major illusions, and lots of audience participation. If you want 45 minutes of good clean comedy interaction magic with some of the most amazing illusions in magic, then TP-7 is the perfect production for your event.
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Mystique 60 Minutes

  • If you want to raise the production level, then Exodus is the show for you. Six spectacular illusions are performed with outstanding costuming and choreography. Lots of comedy and audience interaction. This is the perfect production to open your event with a “machine gun magical opening” and then the magical production of your VIP. This eight minute routine will set the tone for the “WOW” evening your guests are going to experience. After dinner, Fabian Christopher and The World of Magic cast can create up to an hour of “Magic”
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Magic -FX5 Banquet Entertainment

  • Magic- FX is The Magic Experience entry level production. An “intimate” show with three major illusions and lots of audience participation. If you want 60 minutes of good clean comedy interaction magic with some of the most amazing illusions in magic, then Magic- FX is the perfect production for your event.
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  • If you want to bring Las Vegas to your event, then Odyssey is the production for you. With ten of the largest and most spectacular illusions, normally not seen out on a Las Vegas stage. Fabian Christopher and his team of beautiful dancers will provide and “WOW” evening your guests will never forget.
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Our entertainment planning services include:

Understanding the vision of your event and helping you select the right options to “WOW!” your attendees.
Customizing our pre-packaged show concepts to integrate seamlessly with your awards ceremony, keynote speakers, and other event elements.
Creating a specific timeline to organize entertainment and other event elements so everything comes together as it should on the day of the event.
Make your job as an event organizer easy (yes, easy!) by going above and beyond at each stage of the planning and performing the process.

The high-impact, up-close magic of Fabian Christopher will surprise, captivate, and amaze your guests. No wonder he’s one of the top entertainment choices at corporate receptions. His client list reads like the Fortune 500” That means you’ll add a touch of wow when you add a touch of magic to your next event.

What Do You Get When You Hire Me?

Corporate Clean Comedy – All of my comedy is corporate clean. I realize you may have many VIPs in the audience. The last thing you’d want is an important client being embarrassed or insulted on stage. I always work clean. People will be laughing throughout the show, but those laughs will never come at the expense of someone else.

Highly Visual Professional Magic – Whether you have a small group in a boardroom or hundreds of people in a large banquet hall, your guests and attendees will experience the magic that looks like magic. I don’t perform cheesy tricks, instead, I amaze with sophisticated visual magic for the most discerning audiences.

Tried and True, First Rate Entertainment – For over twenty years I’ve performed all over the country representing major corporations in a wide variety of venues. When you hire me, you get to experience that translates into highly successful events.

No Prima Donna’s Here – You may have many things on your mind getting ready for your event, but worrying about your entertainment won’t be one of them. I make sure your experience with me is an enjoyable one. You’ll be dealing with a professional who returns calls promptly, shows up on time, and delivers the performance of a lifetime!

Guaranteed Fun – I pride myself on building relationships with my customers, so I’m not happy unless you’re happy. I guarantee your guests will have a great time and thank you for having me.

The Troops –The internationally known magician plans his world tour surrounded around his other family” the military. That’s right I did say his other family Fabian Christopher and his wife Judy are in the US. Army veterans’, they meet each other in Frankfurt Germany.

This is Fabian Christopher and his wife Judy’s main reason for our tour is to give back to those soldiers who sacrifice their lives every day so we can be safe.
It’s the least I could do” is set up something with my manager to make this happen for my dear brothers and sisters of the military, because of so many lives sacrificed and families torn apart because of war.
How hard it must be for the soldiers themselves and for their families, especially the children. However tragic a soldier’s life might end, his heroism and bravery in times of war should not be forgotten. So it’s my goal through our magic shows to bring the world of enjoyment and magic right to their doorstep, for an unforgettable evening of magic and illusions, one show at a time one community at a time, but change is coming to your town.

Reviews from Recent Corporate Clients...

Thank you for your performance at the “Two Become One" event on Sunday, February 16 2014 your standing ovation continues to bring in rave reviews. I have received nothing but positive feedback regarding our decision to bring your magic and illusion showcase to Philadelphia. We would be happy to recommend your services to anyone needing quality magic entertainment.

Dr. Bernard Keels-MP

Morgan State University

Frazer power net celebrated its 10th Anniversary Power Networking Conference in Atlanta Georgia. Thousands of people from all over America were in attendance to witness the incredible and astonishing magical performance of Fabian Christopher and his wife Judy. Most illusionists today have good shows, but are clueless when it comes to delivering an empowering message. Our audience rating of his performance was the highest ever. Two thumbs up! Thank you Fabian and Judy for a WOW'' factor experience.

George C. Fraser-CEO

Fraser Power Net

This is a letter of recommendation for one of the finest illusionist I have ever seen perform. Fabian Christopher performed for our guest and our employees are already asking about bringing him back asap. He was very personable, enjoyable and entertaining individual who would make any function a success.

Bryan Malzahn GM

Weber Chevrolet

Thank you for sharing your nationally renowned Fabian Christopher Experience Show '' with our company, the show was magnificent! We were captivated, amazed and blessed from the beginning to the finale. Thank you for the trans- formative message through breath taking illusions. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone who wants their event to go over the edge in top notch entertainment.

Mae H. Battle Coordinator

Steele-Pitts Home In Atlanta

I would like to thank you on behalf of LaSalle Group for an outstanding performance and for your assistance in our presentation to Mega Banks. Your money illusions and slight of hand magic was extremely well received by everyone and helped illustrate the point our agency wanted to make. You are truly a professional who understands how to mix magic with business and can communicate through your skills. Thanks again, we look forward to working with you again soon.

Ken Stone KS

Director, Business Development

It was a pleasure to have you perform during the Mega Youth Festival. Your magic and illusions were astounding, and captured the attention of all 6,000 in attendance. Your performance demonstrated that even the ''impossible is possible'' if we just use our imagination to dream? If I can be of assistance in any way to you in the near future it would be an honor. Sincerely,

Senator Allie Allison Petrus

Legislature of the Virgin Islands